Landlord Services

Do you need help finding a tenant?

When it comes to finding a new tenant for your apartment, condo or house our expertise goes a long way. We save you the time, the money and the headaches that go along with trying to find the right tenant.

Once you sign our non-exclusive listing agreement, we take the responsibility of advertising and showing your property for you. We utilize all the tools we have at our disposal- various housing websites, file sharing and video sharing sites, our own website and the cooperation of our service partners at other real estate companies.

Once we find a potential tenant, one of our licensed agents takes the time with you to thoroughly go over the offer to lease.  We run credit, verify tenancy and employment history and present you with a complete application package to either  approve or reject. Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team does the leg work, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

 After you approve the tenant Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team has procured, we handle the lease preparations and put you in contact with your new tenant.

Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team does not charge a fee if you rent the apartment yourself. Our non-exclusive listing agreement allows you the freedom to utilize other methods, in conjunction with our services, to find a tenant. A fee is charged only when we at Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team find a tenant that is acceptable to you. If you do find a tenant on your own and need help, we allow you to use our application and paperwork. Completed paperwork, along with the application fee from your potential tenant, will allow Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team to run your potential tenant's credit and process their paperwork. We can prepare the lease for you but there is a charge for that service if it is a tenant that you found on your own.

Let Chicago Apartment and Condo Leasing Team put our experience and proven resources to work for you!