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Every day your property is not rented means lost money
Call us to set up a time to preview your property and give us the opportunity to show you what we do different. We can give you an idea on what is happening in the rental market in you area and for buildings like yours to help determine a price. Because we have invested in the cameras and video equipment photos and a narrated video can be completed on the same day we meet. This means we can quickly get your place on the market without having to schedule a return trip with third party vendors. You can still show and rent your property commission free, we can even help you with running credit and getting the lease and disclosures finished.

You don’t have the time to advertise, take inquires and show your property
We do those things every day and know the best way to quickly find your next tenant. We are on all the major real estate websites with daily updates. We have referrals from previous tenants returning because they appreciate the way we do business. Our licensed real estate brokers are professional and know how to show you property and find a tenant for you.

Professional marketing means more qualified leads
Picture a potential renter who is standing in front of you building and can't wait to learn more about your rental. Well, now they don't have to, narrated videos, professional quality photos and other important information can be seen while sanding in front of your building. A  trusted Baird & Warner property sign with a link to an online brochure that powerfully showcases your property is one part of our marketing program.  Narrated videos are an invaluable resource because it helps renters walk from room to room and gives the feeling of actually being at the property. A narrated video will show your property in much more detail than the best photos or written description ever could.  Our HD videos are hosted on YouTube and as more renters expect to see videos and if your property doesn't have a video it could miss out on that renter. Your property is also placed in the MLS and multiple online property syndications where people AND Realtors® are looking.

A well planned showing means a greater chance of leasing
We will contact your current tenants to set the showing appointment up in an orderly fashion. We are present for all showings so to showcase your properties strong features and that gives us the opportunity to answer questions immediately and collect real time feedback. We constantly hear from agents, their rental clients and our renters that they appreciate us being at the showing to help clarify any questions they might have.  Renters need questions answered to help them make a decision and if your property has unanswered questions they might not seriously consider it.

You deserve the final decision
Out tenant screening gives you proof of current employment, current landlord reference and a report of credit history. We use Screening Reports for credit and background search services designed exclusively for the housing industry. We can provide you with a criminal background and eviction check if you need it. Only after you approve the tenant that we bring you do you owe us a fee.

You want the most up-to-date lease and disclosures
We handle the lease preparation and the paperwork that goes with it then have it signed using DocuSign. We are members of the Chicago Association of Realtors and use the lease and disclosures that they prepared for 2022 just for leases in Chicago. 

You would like to show and rent your place and save on the commission. Our listing agreement lets you continue to show and rent your property commission free. You can use our rental application, tenant screening services, apartment lease and knowledge at a fair price to you. ask us how.

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